FBJ Bearings

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FBJ is an organisation that capitalizes on 50 years accumulation of technology and know-how in the ball and roller bearings industry.

FBJ Bearings support the Automotive, Industrial and Agricultural market providing superior and quality products with the most competitive pricing.

High load carrying capacity.High stiffness for rigid bearing application.Low friction.Long service life. Surface protection and corrosion resistance,Integration of additional features, including :driving mechanism,control devices
lubrication systems,monitoring systems, sealing cassettes .

Japanese bearing manufacturer FBJ-International located in Osaka, Japan is one of the largest and up-to-date businesses of universal importance. The company fills the global bearing market with high-quality output more than 50 years.

Modern technologies of bearing design and production allowed the company optimizing costs and achieving quality parameters at the level of best world analogues, the pricing being exclusively competitive. The company has produced and implemented quality management system. The products are certified according to both Japanese quality standard and ISO: 9001, as well as IQnet and GOST R standards.

The company sales market encompasses Japan, Singapore, Asia-Pacific countries, Africa, Central and Southern America, as well as the Russian Federation, where the sales volume permanently increases together with the increase of dealer network. The operation of local representative offices is improving as well.

The products offer a wide range of application: oil-processing and chemical companies, mechanical engineering, automobile manufacture, electrical energy industry, transport etc.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
49,212 mm x 114,3 mm x 44,45 mm FBJ HH506348/HH506310 wqhnv.com 14000 14137AS 14274 Imperial
FBJ K60X66X20 wqhnv.com 99000 99500 99100W Imperial
109,987 mm x 159,987 mm x 34,925 mm FBJ LM522548/LM522510 wqhnv.com 28000 28150 28316 Imperial
30 mm x 62 mm x 20 mm FBJ NJ2206 wqhnv.com LM501300 LM501349 LM501310A Imperial
44,45 mm x 87,312 mm x 30,886 mm FBJ 3578/3525 wqhnv.com 135 mm Felt Seal Split Cylindrical Retained Type Take-Up
110 mm x 200 mm x 53 mm FBJ 32222 wqhnv.com 99000 99587 99100W Imperial
50 mm x 90 mm x 23 mm FBJ 2210 wqhnv.com M252300 M252349 M252310X Imperial
36,512 mm x 76,2 mm x 28,575 mm FBJ HM89449/HM89411 wqhnv.com LM501300 LM501349A LM501314 Imperial
25,4 mm x 56,896 mm x 19,837 mm FBJ 1780/1729 wqhnv.com 95000 95512X 95926 Imperial
FBJ 51200 wqhnv.com 11000 11157 11300 Imperial
65 mm x 100 mm x 11 mm FBJ 16013ZZ wqhnv.com LM501300 LM501349 LM501314 Imperial
FBJ 51317 wqhnv.com HM234600 HM234610 Imperial 10.5 in